More Summer Crock Pot Meals

I promised more summer slow cooker recipes, and I never break a promise. Unless I promise you we can get a dog when you turn seven. Then all bets are off.

I haven’t tried any of these recipes yet, but I’m adding them to the list, and I’ll be trying them soon! If you try one, let me know how it turns out. Or if you have a great summer crockpot recipe to share, please do so!

Here’s a slow cooker classic…

Grandma’s Sloppy Joe’s from Finding Joy in My Kitchen

or, for something a little different…

Sloppy Chicken Joes

Sloppy Chicken Joes from Better Homes and Gardens

I really want to try this…

Cedar Planked Salmon from A Year of Slow Cooking

I’m making this one tomorrow…

Chile Lime Chicken Tostadas from Real Mom Kitchen

or maybe this one (isn’t the picture fantastic?)…

Pineapple and Green Chili Pork Tacos also from Real Mom Kitchen

and of course, we mustn’t forget dessert…

Step 7, 369

Black and Blue Cobbler from Fix-It and Forget-It

and another summer fruit cobbler…

Slow Cooker Peach Cobbler from 4 Hats and Frugal

I love using the crockpot in the summer because it’s less heat in the kitchen. And you know what they say… “If you can’t stand the heat, have someone else make dinner.”

Yeah, that doesn’t work at my house, either. So I stick to my slow cooker!

Happy Summer Cooking!


6 responses to “More Summer Crock Pot Meals

  1. Oooh I’m so excited to try these! Everyone says the slow cooker is great in the winter for the soups and stews (which it is!) but I’m with you- the less cooking I have to do in the summer, the better!

    By the way- I have tried this recipe for Sloppy Joe’s and it sure is good!!! It makes tons but it seems to freeze well which means it’s an even easier meal later on 🙂
    (hope you don’t mind my putting this on here…)

  2. theveryhungrybookworm

    I want them all! Especially the chicken tostadas….

  3. You had me at dessert, lol. I need to bust out the CrockPot more this summer. But, you know, for meals and stuff and not, you know, for like desserts. At least not all the time.

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