Star Wars Birthday Party

My two boys, Batman and Curious George, just celebrated their birthdays with a Star Wars party.

The kids made a Happy Birthday banner:

Star Wars Birthday Banner

and I made cookies with the Star Wars cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma:

Star Wars Cookies

We also had Obi-Wan Cannoli dip with strawberries and cinnamon sticks. (The cannoli cream dip recipe can be found here):

Obi-Wan Cannoli Dip

When one is throwing a Star Wars party, where better to turn than to justjennrecipes and her Ultimate Star Wars Party? I shamelessly copy Jenn frequently, and her Princess Leia and S’mores-trooper cupcakes were perfect for this party:

Princess Leia Cupcakes

S'mores-trooper Cupcakes

Darth Vader was kind enough to stop by:

Darth Vader

But he did cause quite a ruckus when he began fighting the little guests with pool noodle lightsabers.

His powers were no match for these young Jedi, though:

Intense battle

More battling

I know he’s evil and all, but I did feel kind of bad for him towards the end. Not unlike the ending of Return of the Jedi:

The Fall of Vader

The kids had to complete an obstacle course before they earned their “lightsabers,” and to finish the course, battle Darth Vader (who removed the mask for some of the younger padawan).

They also played a game where they had to keep balloons in the air with their lightsabers, and another game involving water balloons that didn’t go as planned but was really fun anyway. The kids kept the pool noodles as party favors.


3 responses to “Star Wars Birthday Party

  1. Oh my gosh. Those S’more Trooper cupakes. Best. Cupcakes. Ever.

  2. Were the kids afraid of Darth at all? My daughter is turning 5 and we want to either get Princess Leia or Darth Vader to come.

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