This is not a real post.

This is a not a real post. And you are not really reading it. In fact, you’re not even here. You’re on an island in the Carribean, sitting on the beach, watching the waves crashing on the shore. The sun is warm, the water’s cool, and that cute young cabana boy is bringing you a daiquiri. And perhaps that’s not all he’s bringing you…

Hey! Stop it! This blog is G-rated, thank you very much. Get up, you have to make dinner!

I’ve told you about this chicken before, maybe more than once. And I’ve pestered encouraged people (like my sister) to make it. It has become my absolute favorite slow cooker meal. I make it so often that I’m pretty sure my family will feel the need to have an intervention soon.

I got the recipe from Stephanie O’Dea’s A Year of Slow Cooking blog. It’s so easy. You just take chicken breasts, Philadelphia cooking creme (Santa Fe blend), and a can of diced tomatoes. Dump them in your crockpot, and cook in low for 4-5 hours, shredding the chicken in the last hour. Then serve on taco shells. That’s it. Click here to see the full recipe laid out all nice and pretty, and a nice picture.

My kids love it, although I found out last night they like it better on soft tortillas than on crunchy taco shells.

I don’t have a picture (which is why this isn’t a real post), because I’m on vacation, and I’m supposed to be taking a blog break, anyway.

My favorite part of this recipe? The leftovers are fantastic cold, on a Triscuit. Maybe with a daiquiri. On a beach. In the Carribean. Or your living room. Whatever.


6 responses to “This is not a real post.

  1. cold, on a triscuit! I love it.

    enjoy your vacation.

    lots of love xoxo

  2. It’s so odd. I didn’t read a post today, but I’m suddenly craving that chicken recipe my sister keeps telling me about!

  3. Thanks for not sharing a recipe today. Thanks also for not bringing up the cabana boy.

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